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Kitchen Dao Small White Ceramic Kitchen knife

Kitchen Dao Small White Ceramic Kitchen knife
Kitchen Dao Small White Ceramic Kitchen knife

Blade Length : 3 3/4"
Blade Thickness : 1.8mm
Total Lenght : 8.15"
Blade material : Ceramic

Ceramic knife is made of zirconium, which is a kind of high technology and advanced material for high wearing industrial applications, because it is so hard that only diamond can be compared with it. A lot of benefits brought by ceramic knives are as follows:

Healthy and safe.Ceramics has been used for more than 1,000 years in China. Its chemical property is very stable, so that the chemical reaction will not happen between food and ceramic knife body. Namely, no hazardous substances is going to be formed or released during the application of ceramic knives. Moreover, unlike steel knives, the savour of ceramic knife will not be left on the food, so as to keep original taste of the food.

Hi-tech immersed.Zirconium is a new kind of hi-tech material which is previously only used in military and aeronautical areas. Now, this high-performed material is applied in civil area, having common people get in touch with this advanced hi-tech achievement.

Hygenic.With smooth and polished surface, food will not stick onto the body of the ceramic knife. With no exception, oil stain and dust will fail to cover on its surface. All the above factors finally lead to the convenience of washing it.

Allergy-free.The property of the material(zirconium) determines that the use of ceramic knife will cause no allergy.

Refractory.Compared with the melting piont of steel(1400℃), the melting piont of zirconium is 2677℃, which means ceramic knife is more uneasy to be out of shape than steel under the examination of high temperature.

Hard, sharp and durable.It’s hardness is almost same with those of diamond,and wearibility is 60 times as much as steel, moreover, it is anti-corrosion. Ceramic knife possesses an edge much longer than steel knife,and unlike steel blade which will be blunt after a period of use, a ceramic knife, however, can keep edge sharp for extraordinarily long time.

Fashionable and elegant.The body of ceramic knife can be of many colors, or be printed some pictures. The handle of the ceramic knife is now called “knives for nobles”, indicating its supreme quality and function. In western countries, using ceramic knives is gradually becoming a fashion. And it is a trend that ceramic knives will replace steel ones.

Light and convenient.The density of steel is 7.85, ceramics is 6.0. So it is light, and more freely to use. Meanwhile, this advantage will keep you hands from exhausting.

◆Use & Care

With proper care, our ceramic kitchen knives will held their sharpness for years without resharpening.

-Rinse or gently hand washing using a mild detergent in warm water;

- Do not use them tocut frozen goods, bones or fish bones;

- Do not drop the knives as this can cause the blade broken;

- Do not use the knives as levers;

- Do not wash the knives in a dishwasher machine;

- Do not twist the knives during cutting;

- Do notput the knives on the fire burnning;

- Do notuse the ordinary hone to sharpen ceramic knives;

-Keep the knives away from children;

-Store the knives in a conventional knife block or stable environment.


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